Phase-locked multi-terahertz electric fields with high fields and repetion rates

A paper on the generation of Multi-THz electric fields with simultaneously high fields and high repetition rates has been published in Optics Letters by the group at University of Regensburg. We have demonstrated a compact source of energetic and phase-locked multi-terahertz pulses at a repetition rate of 190 kHz. Difference frequency mixing of the fundamental output of an Yb:KGW amplifier with the idler of an optical parametric amplifier in GaSe and LiGaS2 crystals yields a passively phase-locked train of waveforms tunable between 12 and 42 THz. Pulse energies of up to 0.16 μJ and peak electric fields of 13 MV/cm are achieved. The scalable scheme opens the door to strong-field terahertz optics at unprecedented repetition rates.

The full publication can be accessed here and here