University of Leeds (UNIVLEEDS)

The University of Leeds (UNIVLEEDS) is one of the top ten universities for research and student education in the UK and is internationally acknowledged as a centre of excellence for a comprehensive range of academic and professional disciplines. The UNIVLEEDS research in THz frequency electronics and photonics over the last two decades is internationally leading and agenda setting by any criterion. Highlights from investigators: E. H. Linfield, A. G. Davies, P. Dean and L. Li include demonstration of the first, and long-sought, THz QCL by the EC Framework V consortium ‘WANTED’, which they led; this work is the most cited THz paper with currently 2,000 citations. Working closely with international partners, their subsequent work has included: the introduction of photonic crystal structures and ‘spoof’ surface plasmons into QCLs to engineer the beam profile; the demonstration of a THz pulse amplifier based on a QCL cavity; the first active mode-locking of a THz QCL, and coherent detection of the emitted pulse train; demonstration of the first THz QCL with >1 W output power; and, demonstration of a range of new THz QCL imaging/spectroscopy methodologies. Other highlights include: internationally leading contributions, patented and industrially-licensed, to the development and implementation of broadband THz time-domain spectroscopy, including pioneering ultra-broad-bandwidth operation; and, the development of guided-wave (on-chip) THz devices, which opens the way for picosecond-timescale investigations of condensed matter, mesoscopic, and nanostructured systems.

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